The $50 million Public Square improvement project was completed a few months ago, but one might wonder if it is still ongoing.

“Road Closed” signs remain on east and west ends of Superior Avenue and it is unclear whether the stretch will ever reopen to bus traffic.

For now, busses and first responders must drive around the edges of the square and cannot cut through.

On Thursday, we placed a handwritten sign at the center of the square asking pedestrians if the stretch should reopen.

Michael Ruby was among the nearly two dozen people to check the “no” column.

“This is a lot more friendlier, a lot more open, a lot more cultural,” he said, “And I think the expansion of this is phenomenal.”

Others said the new square made them feel safer.

Still, Jackie Wallace would like to see the street return to what it was before.

“Makes no sense to me,” she said. “It’s a road, we’re supposed to go through it.”

It is also federal road, so the city cannot entirely close it off. But like many things, how to use it depends on who you ask.