On our Facebook page today, a viewer named Mark shared a poignant thought on Hopkins.

“I think it’s time the city lets go of it and an Airport Authority gets created that has its own budget and its own powers,” he wrote. “Most big cities with large airports don’t own those airports.”

You may not be aware, but some airports are run by governments, like Cleveland’s, while others are private.

We verified Mark’s claim with DC-based Airports Council International.

According to spokesman Scott Elmore, 39% of U.S. airports are run by a city, municipal, county or state government, while 35% are run by an airport or port authority. About 20% fall under multiple jurisdictions.

It is a sign of changing times since at one time, most would have been government-run.

Back to Mark’s point, though, should Cleveland’s be?

Last year the FAA fined the city $735 thousand, claiming it failed to do an adequate job removing snow and ice from runways.

There is also a precedent of city-run operations becoming new authorities. Decades ago the Cleveland Transit System became the RTA amid concerns that the city needed help running its buses.