A remark made Wednesday about Friday’s Saint Patrick Day Parade has set off some sirens.

It came after one of the organizers said the parade could be postponed due to weather.

“If that happens, we’ll make the decision late Thursday, Friday morning,” Shannon Corcoran said. “But at the latest, an announcement will be made by 6 a.m. Friday morning.”

Many people were confused since the forecast called for weather that was cold but not extreme.

“I think pretty much everyone on the parade committee, our phones have been ringing almost non-stop from about 6 a.m. to about 1 o’clock,” Corcoran said Thursday.

And she set the record straight.

“1:04 p.m. tomorrow we are starting,” she said.

Over at the West Side Irish American Club Thursday, they were getting calls too.

“They were asking if we were still going to serve food if the parade’s canceled,” said Tim O’Malley, a cook. “And yes, obviously, we are.”

Shannon Corcoran said the parade has only been postponed three times over the past 60 years; once in the 1970s and twice in the 1990s.

Again, tomorrow will not be one of those times.

“We’re having a parade tomorrow. It is not postponed,” she said.

About 200,000 people are expected for a tradition which has been a part of Cleveland for 175 years.