Perhaps Akron's Terry Walker said it best: “I’m happy to be home, home sweet home!”

Terry and his fellow travelers were feeling happiness and relief at Hopkins Airport, while still reeling in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas.

Toledo native Phillip Hartbarger was staying on the ground floor at Mandalay Bay, the same hotel as the shooter. He heard the gunfire and was on lockdown in his hotel for hours. “Landing was nice. To get home, get home to my kids," he said.

The plane ride back was many wondered who might be missing.

“It goes from like a 30-40 passenger plane to like 15 people missing," Walker explained. "Very eerie feeling on the plane on the way back.”

“For the people who didn’t make it on the plane, I really feel for them," James Beck of Akron added.

With adrenaline still pumping, and brains reliving each moment, no one we talked with had slept. Rich Erne of Toledo watched news coverage on TV and also had a view of the scene from his hotel window at MGM. "It does give you a different outlook on life and makes you appreciate what you do have,"

Leaving Las Vegas with a horrific story, and the realization you lived to tell it.

As of late Monday evening, there were people from our area still in the air and headed for home. The list includes a husband and wife from Akron who were at the concert and survived.