The Black Matters group held a vigil Saturday afternoon for Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old killed just over two years ago.

About Black Matters

This is a different group from the Black Lives Matter group. They were demanding justice for Tamir, killed by Cleveland Police officer Timothy Loehmann.

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Loehmann wasn't charged.

Tamir Rice's mother attended but did not speak. His aunt, Latonya Goldsby, addressed the crowd. She thanked them but added that the event was not "sanctioned' by Samaria or the family.

None of the Black Matters organizers attended, according to Latonya.

Latonya said that Samaria felt that the group should have made themselves present so Samaria could address them directly. Latonya said that Samaria would have told them that this was a local Cleveland issue and didn't want outside groups piggybacking on her tragedy.