UPDATE: Cuyahoga Heights Police Chief, Brian Sturgil, tells WKYC that, following the airing of our story, CSX responded and sent a crew to paint over the graffiti.

If you drove north on I-77 into downtown Cleveland on your commute to work, you probably noticed the out-of-the-ordinary graffiti on the bridge near the Grant Avenue interchange in Cuyahoga Heights.

The graffiti was a spray-painted picture of male genitalia with the word "Clinton" next to it.

The image had been on the bridge since August 7. And on Oct. 12, it didn't appear that it would be removed anytime soon.

The bridge is the property of CSX railway company. While Cuyahoga Heights has an ordinance that allows them to fix vandalism if the property owner does not respond after a notification, Mayor Jack Bacci told WKYC Channel 3 that, because the bridge is on CSX property, it is regulated by the federal government.

That means the city is unable to go onto CSX property and paint over it themselves.

Cuyahoga Heights Police Chief Brian Sturgil personally reported the graffiti to CSX via voice mail after it was first seen on August 7. Chief Sturgil says that CSX is difficult to deal with because they often don't return phone calls or respond.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, more than 150,000 motorists drive on that part of I-77 every day. There are many billboards that welcome visitors to Cleveland with very positive messages.

This clearly was not the message that Cleveland wanted to project. And now, it's gone.

NOTE: GRAPHIC IMAGES Please be aware of the explicit nature.

Below are the full pictures of the image:

I-77 CSX owned bridge (explicit)
I-77 Grant Ave picture (explicit version)