Diccie Moore was just doing her job, knocking on doors and trying to spread the word about a program that provides protection for students before and after school.

The program, ‘Protecting Our Children', is in conjunction with Safe Streets, Safe Schools and works to provide education to the community and provide health screenings and ID cards to children of all races and backgrounds.

She said while door-to-door knocking in the 55th area in Cleveland, one interaction left her speechless.

“I knocked on the door, the child answered the door and they said ‘there’s a nigger at the door,’” Moore said. “This was a child that had to be no more than six years old.”

She said her next move was based off fear of what could happen next.

“The responses that I was hearing in the house, I immediately left the porch because I was doing canvassing door to door,” Moore said. “There was nothing a parent could come to the door and tell me to justify that.”

She left, but said the child’s use of the derogatory word stayed with her.

“It’s a learned behavior, we have to start at home and teach our children respect, morals and that’s just basic,” Moore said.

During a prayer rally on the fronts of Cleveland City Hall earlier this week, Moore said she hopes to see change in the future and accountability from those who claim to be allies.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we still have work to do?

In the meantime, watch more of our conversation with Diccie Moore below: