The West Side Market continues to see plenty of growth as eight new small business retailers are set to move into the iconic landmark.

The incoming businesses are all locally-based, and offer an array of selections, ranging from local and international produce, to classic candies and southern cuisine. The addition of new, returning and expanding businesses brings the market to 94 percent occupancy with only 10 of the 178 retail spaces available.

Here is the list of the new businesses coming to the Market:

• Cleveland’s historic B.A. Sweetie, the largest candy store in America, is opening its first offsite location in Northeast Ohio in more than 25 years, Sweeties Candies. The store opens on Friday, September 15.
Piccadilly Artisan Creamery returns to Ohio City with its unique flavors of frozen yogurt made with liquid nitrogen
Ora Bells, the market’s first African American family-owned business – offering homestyle southern cuisine
Prince Produce offers conventional and organic produce
Avant Gardens, a local mushroom farm specializing in fresh-picked oyster and gourmet cultivated mushrooms
English Treats, offering desserts and snacks imported from Britain
Matthew Produce offering a variety of Asian and conventional fruits and vegetables
Lakewood Plant offering a variety of house and office plants

“The West Side Market has been a thriving part of the Cleveland shopping experience for 104 years,” said Mayor Frank Jackson in a statement. “I want to welcome the eight newest entrepreneurs to join the Market this year; you are now a part of our city's living history.”

The West Side Market also notes that several of its existing businesses are expanding. Rooted in Cleveland, offering gourmet teas and coffees, opened a new retail space in July offering apples from local orchards; Maple Valley Sugar Bush, which offers maple syrup products, opened a second retail space in June offering honey-based products; Campbell’s Popcorn expands and brings back Grandma Campbell offering cupcakes and baked goods. Avant Gardens, which opened in June is also opening a new retail space in October to offer international produce. Narrin Spices is expanding with Narrin International on Friday, September 15 to offer an array of international canned and packaged foods.

“Each retailer is authentically Cleveland and fits well into our mission to continuously diversify vendors and products,” said West Side Market Manager Felicia Hall. “The West Side Market is one of the few food-focused historic markets in America, and as a 104-year-old institution we’re always seeking new ways to contribute to our city’s food scene.”