Michelle Tomallo could barely concentrate at work today. Like a kid on Halloween, she has been counting down the minutes.

“We know what this is like for the city to just be pulsing with all of that energy,” she said.

Tomallo has the rare fortune of scoring two tickets to the Cavs home opener, which begins at 7:30, and two tickets to the Indians’ World Series, which begins at 8:08.

Her plan is to be at The Quicken Loans Arena for the raising of the NBA Finals Championship Banner around 7:00, catch a few minutes of the game, and then head over to Progressive Field.

“We can be there in complete solidarity,” she said. “But then it’s easy in some ways to be like ‘woo!’ and then make the costume change, walk across the street, and then kind of feel the pageantry of that.”

Tomallo is a season ticket holder for the Cavs, but then got lucky when she went online to buy tickets to the World Series.