A woman was forced to jump from her two-and-a-half story home after it caught fire Sunday afternoon in Cleveland.

Firefighters were called to the scene on Bartfield Ave. just before 4:30 p.m.

Two brothers who live nearby helped the woman as she tried to escape the fire from a second-story window.

"She was actually hanging into the fire. She actually fell into the fire. So, pretty much the flames were just hitting her as she was hanging and the flame was actually right under her feet the whole time," said Ganard Hodges.

The woman had made it from the second-story window onto the roof of a porch below. When the roof began to collapse, Hodges and his younger brother Gamari Peterson carried her away from the fire.

The woman, who authorities say appeared to be in her 50s or 60s, was taken to the hospital with burns and a leg injury. Her exact condition is unknown at this time.

The fire occurred not far from where a sinkhole swallowed a city van on Thursday. While firefighters were able to put out the blaze, its cause is still under investigation.