CLEVELAND -- Jackson vs. Reed.

The Cleveland mayoral race is heating up with the only debate between the two candidates taking place Thursday.

Mayor Frank Jackson and Councilman Zack Reed squared off at the City Club of Cleveland to argue why they deserve your vote.

WKYC streamed the entire debate on Facebook.

Both candidates took shots at the other, with Jackson questioning Reed's plans for the city and Reed questioning what Jackson has done for Cleveland's neighborhoods beyond the downtown area.

The candidates also both stressed the need for more community conversation to help repair the divide between citizens and police. The pair also agreed on working to protect the city's immigrants.

Jackson noted a increase in population among certain areas of the city, claiming the population is stable. To increase growth, Jackson said his plan is to continue investing in ways to make Cleveland a favorable choice to live. Reed stressed the importance of combating crime in order to attract businesses.

The election is just a few weeks away on Tuesday, Nov. 7.