On Sunday, the group Clevelanders for Public Transit released a statement, praising the reopening of Public Square to transit.

"Clevelanders for Public Transit is pleased that Public Square is open to GCRTA service, improving convenience for riders, pedestrian safety, and RTA's service efficiency, while definitively avoiding repayment of a $12M debt to the Federal Transit Administration. We remain optimistic that the new configuration will be improved and optimized for GCRTA riders and operators, pedestrians, individuals with disabilities, as well as cyclists, akin to shared public spaces in cities around the country and the world."

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"The original design submitted by the Group Plan Commission and approved by Mayor Jackson included dedicated bus lanes on Superior Avenue, and we are disappointed it took so long for them to be opened. The original design for Superior also included 'sharrows' to indicate bike access. We eagerly anticipate visual improvements and functional changes that accommodate transit riders of all abilities, cyclists, as well as the increased level of pedestrian activity as daily bus riders return to bus stops inside Public Square."

"Reopening Superior through Public Square increases safety in a pedestrian-heavy area. Eliminating nearly a million additional turns will reduce the likelihood of another incident such as the fatal collision between a pedestrian and left-turning bus in December of last year."

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"To thank riders and celebrate the return of buses to Public Square, we will be giving away donuts on Monday, March 6, 2017 starting at 5 p.m. in Public Square."