Many shows have tried to portray Cleveland as a tough city with a rough reputation, but only those who are from the city can understand.

That’s why Dominique Paramore, director of a new TV show, said she created 'The Land: FAU.'

"There's something in the heart of Cleveland that just transcends past anything that you see on television,” Paramore said. "This really gave me an opportunity to create a mirror to the things I saw growing up."

As the brains behind the new show and a Cleveland native herself, it was only natural for Paramore to ditch the portrayal and go for the real thing.

“There's a certain amount of pride that you're going to immediately be injected with because you see your city, your streets,” Paramore said.

The show highlights a small police unit that goes after high-profile fugitives in the city of Cleveland and, fitting for the name of the show, it’s also filmed in The Land.

"It's a product that from its very roots comes right from the city,” Kahlil Pedizisai, director of cinematography, said. “It comes right from people who know the neighborhood, who know people."

"This is a hard-working city,” Ryan Martin, lead actor, said. “It's very authentic so when something is Cleveland, you know it."

For the full staff, behind the scenes and in front of the camera, the meaning of this project went deeper than just another cop drama.

"Our culture is underrepresented,” Paramore said. "The image of black men and black women over the centuries has suffered a lot of abuse, so it's healing for me to create images that are uplifting."

Devon Collins, executive producer of the show, said when people view the show he hopes it represents what Cleveland is about: growth.

"We really try to really show the diversity, not only with the cast but with the locations that we select,” Collins said.

The Land: FAU will air next spring on Bounce TV in Columbus.

The crew said to petition to bring it to Cleveland, view the pilot episode on YouTube and support the effort to bring it to The Land.