A man’s spiritual views may be hurting his hopes of one day fixing up a local landmark.

Eric Freeman has Satanic beliefs, and says he just wants to see an old funeral home turn into a place for the community.

A few years ago, he purchased the “House of Wills” on East 55th Street and believes the space could one day be used to help juvenile offenders or the homeless.

The building was prominent for many years within the African-American community.

“Once I saw inside and I saw the potential that it had, I couldn’t watch it get destroyed,” Freeman told Channel 3 News in an earlier interview.

But in recent days, a social media post has thrown a wrench into plans.

A man posting as “freethinker_walt” blames it for the community’s problems and alleges that Satanic rituals are taking place inside.

“They’re over at the House of Wills devil-worshipping,” he said. “They’re spreading all this negative energy onto my community and no wonder why all these deaths and everything are going on in my community.”

The video has been seen more than 22,000 times.

Freeman had offered the building as a place for delegates to rent during the Republican National Convention. It was also featured in a segment on Satanism that aired on Vice News.

Freeman claims he does not hold any Satanic gatherings in his building and has been in touch with the man who posted that now-popular video.

He claims they have been able to clear up misunderstandings.