CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio -- Do you have home or business security cameras? The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office is asking you to register it.

Eleina Thomas, an assistant county prosecutor, said camera footage can play a vital role in solving and prosecuting crime.

In February, camera footage helped law enforcement with a case that shook Cleveland’s east side.

"With Alianna DeFreeze, the video that we were able to find was instrumental in painting that picture of certain events that happened,” Thomas said.

When someone commits a crime, it’s a race against the clock and Thomas said cameras can make all the difference.

"It makes it personal,” Thomas said. “You can talk about this person but, if you have video that shows that person actually before the crime is committed, after the crime is committed, what potentially happened to them after the crime is committed."

The county’s new camera database initiative relies solely on voluntary submissions. No one will be forced to register their cameras.

"You're telling us the location of the camera and how to get a hold of you in the event that the crime has been committed and you, possibly, your surveillance camera captured that video,” Thomas said.

Your information would be kept confidential and law enforcement will only have access to the footage if you hand it over.

“We work with the members of the community,” Thomas said. “We’re building trust, we are building this database to make things safer and we’re not releasing that information.”

There are about 800 locations that have registered their cameras so far, but Thomas said they’re looking for more.

For information on FAQs and how you can get involved, follow this link.