According to the Centers for Disease Control 91 million people swim in oceans, lakes, and rivers each year.

The CDC recommends that swimmers check local beach reports for bacterial level before going to the beach.

The Environmental Protection Agency has an interactive map that allows you to search for beaches across the country and find critical information about the water quality.

SEARCH: Find beach advisories in the U.S.

The CDC lists the top 10 causes of untreated recreational water outbreaks:

  • Shigella

  • Norovirus

  • E. coli

  • Cryptosporidium

  • Avian schistosomes

  • Giardia

  • Leptospira

  • Algal bloom (freshwater and marine blooms)

  • Plesiomonas

  • Campylobacter

People who live and swim in the Great Lakes Region can get a Great Lakes Beachcast online or through a mobile app.

BEACHCAST: Great Lakes Region

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The CDC says you can "choose to swim healthy." Here's four tips that may help to prevent an illness.

  • Keep the poop, germs, and pee out of the water
  • Check free chlorine level and pH before getting into water (pool/treated water only)
  • Don't swallow water when you swim
  • Take children for bathroom breaks every 60 minutes