Roughly 70 guns are missing from Garfield Heights after police say two armed men forced their way into a home on Care Drive.

In a 911 call, a woman can be heard telling cops her husband "was sleeping on the couch. They came in and busted into the bedroom door. Grabbed me, put me on the floor. Grabbed him, put him on the floor."

The man who lives in the home works at a gun shop and kept the firearms in a safe. Investigators tell us the robbers forced him to give up the code, then took off with the guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

"If any law enforcement runs across these guns—if they run the name, model, and the serial number—it'll be flagged that it's a stolen weapon," Det. Pete Stroe said.

Some residents expressed concerns about criminals possessing such a large amount of weapons.

"They've got to get those guns back," Garfield Heights resident Malcolm Baker said. "If they don't, things are going to get really bad, and more violent out here than they have been."

Anyone with information to help detectives should call Garfield Heights Police.