The investigation in Euclid continues.

What happened in the seconds between Richard Hubbard III being stopped, and Euclid Police officer Michael Amiott reacting aggressively, trying to kick him repeatedly, throwing him to the ground, grabbing his neck, and throwing a number of punches?

The police officer involved in the case, and the state of what some are calling a nasty relationship between officers and citizens, were both front and center at a community meeting on Monday evening.

Residents want to know: What kind of culture exists in city hall and the police department that allows officers to think this level of aggression is warranted?

It was a packed house as the Euclid community addressed the city's Task Force for Community Relations. They are asking that Officer Michael Amiott not just be fired, but criminally charged.

They are asking for new ordinances to prevent police abuse.

And they took direct aim at Euclid Mayor Kirsten Gail.

"That police officer's behavior is a reflection of the vision of our mayor," Dr. Richard Montgomery said from the audience. "I'm not saying you did it, but that man felt he could do it because there was likely no repercussions."

After Mayor Gail met with that resident, she spoke with WKYC Channel 3's Chris Tye. When asked if she was confident that the city will serve the community in the way they articulated, she responded, "I'm confident that we will do an investigation and take appropriate action. Unfortunately we don't have all of the details yet, but violence is never the answer."

So as Richard Hubbard III heals, Officer Amiott remains on paid leave. And the question in Euclid remains, was this justified?

Our Tom Meyer today uncovered another case of another 25-year-old black man in Euclid that the same officer reportedly abused just days earlier. We tried to reach out to Officer Amiott, but he was unavailable for comment.