A Bedford teenager is missing after authorities said he slipped down a hill and into Tinker’s Creek, but residents are running low on sympathy.

Longtime resident Thomas Griffith said as a child, he’s taken advantage of those same waters more times than he can remember.

"You can walk through the tunnels, you can stand right below the waterfalls and it's been that way since I was a kid,” Griffith said.

But on Independence Day weekend, where the search for fireworks should be top of mind, authorities are searching for a missing teenager, who they believe is still in the creek.

"Probably once a year someone loses their child down there,” Griffith said.

That would come as a shock for some, but Bedford residents said it’s more what they’ve come to expect this time of year.

"It happens and they don't do nothing about it,” Monica Delphia, resident, said. "They said they were putting up fences and there's no fences."

She said it’s going to take more than just one sign in the area, it takes common sense to avoid tragedy.

"At 15, you're supposed to know right from wrong, if you don't that's your fault,” Delphia said.

"As long as kids are kids, I don't think it will change,” Griffith said. “I think they'll find a way to get there and hang out in that area."

Authorities have not released the teenager’s name.

They’ll resume searching on Monday morning.