CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio --- A Cleveland Heights' restaurant and bar is getting ready to reopen its doors nearly three weeks after the beloved owner was shot and killed during a robbery.

To prepare for the opening, painters have been out in the heat putting on some touch-ups. The colors and the sign will remain the same. All that's changing is a fresh coat of paint.

The manager of Brennan's Colony says it is about getting back to normal.

"The story isn't about us, or the work getting done, or its doors being back open," said manager Aran Keenan. "The community is just as much a part of this place as any one of us. It's all about having it open for them."

For those who live and work in the area, preparing to open is a welcomed sight.

"I think it's fantastic. The community is resilient. Obviously it's what JB would have wanted, the place to go on. So I think it's wonderful," said David McDowell.

The doors will open around 4 p.m. on Tuesday. They will only serve drinks to start and then gradually add food.

It's a way to bring the community back together slowly.

"There been a tremendous outcry of support and there's no other way to say it then it's taken the whole community to get us back up to the point we can open tomorrow," said Keenan.

Many consider Brennan's Colony the anchor of the community. They're excited to see new life return and take comfort in knowing the legacy of this bar and restaurant will continue its 30-plus year tradition.

"I think it's great and I live close by and people have been anticipating what's going to happen so I was very happy and surprised it's opening soon," said resident Pam Neides.

Manager McDowell says he would like to put up a memorial plaque to Jim Brennan in the future.

Four men have been arrested in the case. They all remain in jail on $1 million bonds.

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