CLEVELAND--The free Cleveland Orchestra Fourth of July concert and fireworks is a longstanding event that brings life and energy downtown.

Star-Spangled Spectacular details

But in the year since last year's concert, there have been so many changes that will welcome concertgoers to a new, more vibrant backdrop.

The new Convention Center's been open a full year, welcoming major events. The Global Center for Health Innovation is now welcoming visitors.

And on the site of the old county headquarters, a new Hilton Convention Center hotel's being built at fast-track speed.

A new Westin Hotel has opened.

School officials have moved out of the old headquarters building that's slated to become a hotel.

Playhouse Square has new deluxe trimmings, including a supersized chandelier.

Multiple new apartment projects are in the works.

The 9 and apartments in the old East Ohio Gas building are ready to rent.

The Standard Building's offices are being sold and converted to apartment life.

More people are living downtown than ever.

A new county building is days away from opening.

Newer projects, including the Horseshoe Casino and Flats East Bank neighborhood, have gotten traction and are a part of downtown.

Visiting Republicans were wowed by all the projects, activity and investment and may bring their 2016 convention here.

Cleveland-boosting Positively Cleveland is in the midst of a new campaign pitching the city to locals and outsiders as an authentic, culturally rich and welcoming place.

So amid the patriotism and stirring music of tonight's concert, there's also good reason for a renewed sense of civic pride about downtown.