CLEVELAND -- Cleveland will literally light up this week as part of a public art exhibit and as a welcome for those attending the Gay Games.

The first thing you'll notice Wednesday night is a giant rainbow laser light cascading over Downtown Cleveland. The global rainbow is an art exhibit that's been around the world and because of the Gay Games, it's appropriate that it's coming here. If the night is clear, you can see it from 35 miles away.

Land Studio is responsible for bringing the public art display to town. It's called AHA, like an enlightening idea. Artists from around the country will show off their works that utilize light. So night time is the best time to see it Thursday through Saturday.

Designers from Colorado's Jen Lewin Studio spent the day hooking up their interactive light show called "The Pool."

Make sure you take time to catch the show on the canvas of Public Auditorium. Obscura Digital will take local photos and art and transform it into a nine minute show.

At the bottom of the hill on Mall B, a stage will be set up for a Pecha Kucha Thursday. Twelve presenters will share their ideas in seven minute presentations. Topics including what's going on in Cleveland and showing our visitors what is possible in our city.

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