The Cuyahoga County Fair will open its rides to more than 100,000 people on Monday night, and safety is the main priority.

Tim Fowler, fair president, said the process to keep fair-goers safe starts even before the rides are installed on the fairgrounds.

"The ride vendors have acknowledged that they were inspected by their insurance companies before they went for their season,” Fowler said. “Prior to coming here they’ve been inspected at other fairs and events and passed every level of safety requirements.”

It’s all for the safety of the hundreds of thousands of people who will experience the fair, hoping for safe time.
"I think the entire fair industry is on high alert and everybody is taking the extra precautions that they can,” Fowler said.

Carmi Kissel is a vendor, president of Kissel Brothers Incorporated.

"We've been checking these rides even more since Columbus has happened, just because you never know,” Kissel said.

She said there’s no guarantee, but checking once or twice is not enough.

"Each day, daily, we go out and inspect the ride before operation,” Kissel said. “That's checking the blockings, the arches, how the seats are held on, anything that's to do with safety on that ride, that's priority."

As a whole, fair organizers said they can’t be safe enough.

"We want the public to know that this is a family friendly fair,” Fowler said. “We've accelerated our first aid treatment to beyond the paramedics that are on site here."

Thirty-five people, including those who run the fair have taken the first aid and CPR courses.”

It’s an added step to prepare for the unpredictable and prevent tragedy from striking yet again.

"There's never a guarantee,” Fowler said. “We don't want to acknowledge that we have something that everybody else doesn't have and that we have a perfect record and we can guarantee that everything is going to be safe, but we're taking every measure possible to provide as much safety as we can."

There are also other options for those who don’t want to ride the rides, Fowler said.