CLEVELAND -- Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty is more than unhappy with the outcome of the bench trial of Bedford Municipal Court Judge Harry Jacob II.

McGinty said, "(Judge) Jacob also did more than violate the public's trust, he raped it."

Just after 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Brian Corrigan found Jacob not guilty of tampering with records and not guilty of obstructing justice. Corrigan also found Jacob not guilty on the first soliciting count and guilty on three other soliciting counts.

In total, Jacob, 57, of Solon, was found guilty of five misdemeanors, three counts of soliciting and two counts of falsification (regarding a fraudulent journal entry in Bedford Municipal Court records). He was found not guilty on all the felony counts and is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 15.

VERDICT : Verdict in Judge Harry Jacob trial

Corrigan dismissed other counts of bribery and dereliction of duty, as well as promoting prostitution and dereliction of duty charges.

The 11 remaining counts include several counts of soliciting sex from prostitutes, tampering with records, failure to report a felony, possessing criminal tools, obstruction of justice and falsification.

The verdict did not sit well with McGinty and he fired off a statement late Thursday afternoon.

He says his office plans to appeal.

Here is the statement:

"When the local judge and law director patronized their town's brothel or prostitutes, the pimp and his employees naturally felt protected. These two fostered the corrupt environment that allowed a prostitution ring to operate with impunity in Bedford. They were dishonest with the citizens and hampered the police.

Judge Jacob's excuse that he made "poor lifestyle choices" is an affront to the intelligence of the citizens of Bedford. Judge Jacob did more than sleep with prostitutes and do favors for them at court. He took advantage of poor, young, drug-addicted women, at least one of whom had been molested as a child.

Jacob also did more than violate the public's trust, he raped it. He disgraced his city and demeaned the judiciary of this state. He deserves a stay in jail – a very long one.

We are dismayed that this case has dragged out for the better part of a year. Now they have delayed sentencing for six weeks for a pre-sentence investigation which the rules will not allow on this case. We are filing a motion asking the court to advance sentencing to next week. Judge Jacob has been collecting his full $114,100 salary for nearly a year while he has not been working and the taxpayers have been paying $456.40 a day for a visiting judge. This must end.

Judge Jacob and his attorney made an agreement to turn over his phone and laptop computer if the police would not execute a search warrant at his home. Instead, the judge deleted phone messages with one of his prostitutes at her instruction when they discovered the police were on to them. Then the judge deleted proof of his illegal sexual liaisons from his laptop and refused to give police or the court the passwords when he did turn over the computer. That was clear proof of tampering with evidence. We plan to appeal the court's erroneous conclusions."

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