CLEVELAND -- Playhouse Square illuminated Cleveland Friday night.

The "Dazzle the District" event unveiled renovations in the neighborhood around Playhouse Square including an outdoor chandelier.

Instead of aging buildings, the renovations are hoping to bring new life to the district so that both residents and visitors remember Cleveland as a vibrant city.

"I think it's awesome. Our band has been touring through Cleveland for the last eight years or so. Anything to improve the city is awesome," said Beau Bokan.

The idea for all these changes started back in the 1990s.

Designers wanted to bring the historic look of the theater outside -- complete with archways, a vintage sign reflecting Cleveland in the 1920s and the world's largest outdoor chandelier with 4,200 crystals that can withstand Northeast Ohio's harshest winter.

"I think it's going to outlast all of us. It can sustain winds of 100 mph. I don't think it will ever come down. It will be a beautiful thing for as long as one can imagine," said Tom Einhouse with Playhouse Square.

Of the $16 million in renovations, Cuyahoga County provided $4 million in grants from casino revenue.

While some taxpayers are in favor of the money being used to make the city a more attractive venue -- others are concerned that it could be used in other ways, such as repairing potholes.

"I think it's OK to make Cleveland look pretty but if you're gonna have people come see Cleveland, at least fix the streets first so you don't have to worry about people messing up their cars," said Cleveland resident Genevea Johnson.

"That's why they passed the casino law to get more tax revenue for the city, so I think it's a good start to making downtown look a little nicer," said Cleveland resident Chris Zlatoper.