CLEVELAND -- Ohio death row inmate Quisi Bryan was re-sentenced Wednesday morning for a rape case dating back to 1994.

The judge handed down a punishment of 22 years behind bars with credit applied for time already served.

He had previously been sentenced to a maximum of 50 years for the same charges.

Bryan appeared for the hearing in Cleveland court via video from the Chillicothe Correctional Institution.

The re-sentencing comes after the Ohio Supreme Court said last year that judges in five Cuyahoga County rape cases wrongly applied sentences to the law at the time the crime occurred.

As the Associated Press reported last November, the terms were usually longer, meaning some of the inmates will receive shorter sentences under Wednesday's ruling.

Bryan, meanwhile, remains on death row after he was sentenced to die for killing Cleveland officer Wayne Leon in June 2000. 

Bryan remains on death row.

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