CLEVELAND -- In response to numerous requests for public records regarding the case of Ariel Castro, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office released its first round of documents about 2 p.m. today.

In all, 989 pages of paperwork have been made public.

Just after 4 p.m., the documents were unpublished by the prosecutor's office after it was discovered that personal information that should have not been released was published.

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WKYC expects the prosecutor's office to re-release further redacted documents soon. We will post them as soon as they are released.

Among other documents, they include evidence results from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, a threat assessment, the police reports regarding the day the girls escaped and a receipt for property taken from inside and outside the Seymour Avenue home.

Documents 720-722 detail Amanda's statement about her escape

Documents 669-673 are Michelle Knight's missing person report

Documents 674-690 are Amanda Berry's missing person report

Documents 691-702 are Gina DeJesus's missing person report

Documents 703-715 document the police reports as police first arrived on Seymour Avenue

Documents 726-727 detail a conversation where Castro confesses but says he was a victim as well when he was a child and that he can now die in prison.

Documents 717-718 contain information on Pedro and Onil Castro

Documents 728-731 refer to Angie Gregg (Castro's daughter)

Documents 732-748 have Castro's possessions' seized, including cars and cash

Documents 793-797 refer to the "Blue Journal" kept by Amanda Berry

Documents 847-849 refer to a black journal titled "Love" kept by Amanda Berry

Some are simply labeled "supplemental documents" and "other documents."

Castro's psychological evaluation was released and we see why he was put on suicide watch.

In a statement, the prosecutor's office said "We have sought in reviewing these documents to balance our legal obligations to make available public records against the privacy rights of the three women and the minor child at the center of this case. Additional records will be released in the near future."

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