CLEVELAND -- Since 2010, the East Cleveland Neighborhood Center has had a summer program called, Freedom School. The concept started back during the Civil Rights movement, with college students making a difference working with younger kids.

The United Way of Greater Cleveland is restructuring the programs it supports, cutting them from 202 to 132. The commitment to the Freedom School with the United Way ended on June 30.

"We were stunned. This is a program that has real meaning," says Executive Director Dabney Conwell. She has asked that the United Way give the program $25,000 in emergency funds so they don't have to shorten this summer's program.

The United Way says it communicated to the program that the three-year cycle would end on June 30.

"We thought we communicated that to them, we will see what we can do to work with them," says United Way CEO Bill Kitson.

The United Way did provide $40,000 to the Freedom School. The Freedom School is trying to raise enough donations so they can keep the program going.

Here is a link, if you would like to help.

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