Dozens of people disrupted a Euclid City Council meeting Monday evening in protest of two recent incidents involving police.

Earlier this month, an officer pulled over Richard Hubbard III. A video of what happened was recorded on Facebook Live, showing a violent struggle.

That officer, Michael Amiott, is on paid leave and WKYC Channel 3 has learned that he will not be fired.

He will be made to undergo more training and will be removed from the SWAT team.

Back in March, an officer shot and killed Luke Stewart as he was sitting in his car. The officer who shot Stewart is still working out on the street as an investigation is taking place.

Those two things drove a group of people to take action Monday night, and they did so...loudly.

Below is what disrupted tonight's Euclid City Council meeting. Dozens of people chanting and eventually being escorted out.

But that didn't stop them. As the meeting inside chambers continued they organized in the lobby.

They were asked to leave and officers in full body armor arrived. All this as the council meeting continued inside until the police chief and mayor came to talk with the crowd.

Luke Stewart's family said their peace and led the way out of the building.

The situation ended peacefully.

Luke Stewart's family and their attorneys tell me, they don't even want the officer who shot Stewart to be immediately fired, they just want him off the street and on desk duty until the investigation into the deadly force case is complete.

They say they'll come back, again and again, until that happens.