Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer has released a statement regarding last Saturday's aggressive traffic stop and arrest on E 228th St.

Meyer asked for patience as his department continues its investigation into the incident, during which Officer Michael Amiott threw Richard Hubbard III to the ground and punched him multiple times.

"I want to personally assure everyone that this incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed to determine if the actions of the Police Officers involved were consistent with both the Mission and Policy & Procedures of the Euclid Police Department," Meyer said. "As the Chief of Police, it is my duty to see that this investigation is done thoroughly and fairly. I ask everyone to please be patient while this process is being conducted."

Chief Meyer also remarked on the perceived divisions between the community and the police department, saying, "We are all connected by our humanity."

"Our Officers are committed to proactively, conscientiously, and fairly addressing our very real crime control issues, particularly violent crime and gun crime," he added. "We will continue to do this in a professional and ethical manner, never losing sight of the human elements of compassion, sensitivity, and caring for all those who live, work, and visit our city."

Officer Michael Amiott remains on paid leave during the investigation.