The Euclid police officer caught in a violent encounter with a driver he pulled over last weekend has been disciplined several times since joining the force in 2014.

The Investigator, Tom Meyer, learned from personnel records that Officer Michael Amiott was reprimanded for losing a suspect's cellphone, hitting a suspect with his gun and for two car crashes.

However, records also show he's received a number of commendations for good police work.

Earlier this week, Meyer was the first to report that Amiott was forced to resign from the Mentor Police Department before joining the police force in Euclid. Mentor Police Chief Kevin Knight said Amiott "struggled to meet our standards", but declined to elaborate.

Amiott is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal police investigation into a violent encounter between him and a suspect in Euclid. Amiott is seen punching and kicking Richard Hubbard repeatedly.

He's also being accused of using excessive force against Euclid city employee Shawn George.

Euclid police promise a swift but thorough investigation into the violent confrontation.