EUCLID -- Monday night, Euclid police continue to investigate a double shooting overnight that sent two people to the hospital.

It happened at the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 260th Street where neighbors tell WKYC they heard several shots.

The witnesses WKYC spoke with said there were two rounds of shots. The first coming from Euclid Avenue, then another round from down on East 260th.

As Jannetta Ingram and her friends set up for a Labor Day barbeque Monday afternoon, the conversation was all about the multiple shots fired right outside their homes.

Ingram said, "I was terrified because I'm on the first floor. I got on the floor because it was, like, six shots from this way and then when they got down here, it was like nine more shots."

David Parker said, "Hope it don't hit me, that's what I was thinking."

Ingram added, "It was horrifying for me because I didn't know what the problem was, as I just heard shots."

Witnesses reported seeing a man driving around with a rifle before the shots were even fired around 12:30 a.m. Monday.

When police got to the scene, they found two people with gunshot wounds inside a car and rushed them to the hospital. They are not releasing their identities nor their conditions.

They are also keeping the suspect information private. Today we saw several detectives speaking with business owners on Euclid Avenue, including one detective that parked outside Choices Luxury Lounge for several hours.

Neighbors say this is uncommon in their area.

And then there was the four-car accident.

That four-car accident happened several minutes after the shooting from a driver passing by who was checking out the scene and not paying attention to his driving. No one was hurt, but you can still see the damaged fire hydrant.

Police are still staying very tight-lipped on this, partly because they are still waiting to notify the family of the two victims. WKYC expects to hear more once they are notified.

They are asking anyone with any information regarding these shootings to contact Euclid's Detective Bureau at 216-289-8505.

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