CLEVELAND -- A lifelong Browns fan is so disgruntled he's putting his team loyalty up for auction.

Jared Kalinowski says after 30 years of cheering for the Cleveland Browns, he's done.

"You get beaten down as a Browns fan because you have to deal with this year after year, of making the right picks, of it not working out, but being told on the radio and on TV we're going in the right direction," he said. "We're not getting anywhere, and that's what's led me to being where I'm at today."

Kalinowski posted his "NFL Fandom for sale" at a starting bid of $19.83 on eBay on May 10. As of Thursday, it had been bid on more than 70 times, sitting at a total of $335.

Kalinowski says he was so frustrated, he considered being a more casual fan, but it wasn't in the former season ticket holder's nature.

Instead, he'll commit to a new team of the buyer's choice for the next 10 years, even attending at least a yearly game for the next three seasons.

Kalinowski says, "Because I still have a soul," 30 teams are available for his fandom, excluding the Ravens and the Steelers. And he says he'll use the money he wins to help him start a new fan wardrobe and get to games for his new team.

He says he doesn't want current Browns fans to bid because he thinks the team has already cost fans too much. If you have questions for Kalinowski, he says to reach out on twitter to @Jared_Kalin.

The auction closes Saturday at 2 p.m. Find Kalinowski's auction by clicking here.

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