CLEVELAND -- The last time Cleveland hosted a Presidential Convention George Voinovich had just been born.

"I never figured I would see a convention in Cleveland," said the former Mayor of Cleveland who became Ohio Governor then Senator from the Buckeye State. "As a city father, whose given a lot to this city -- I am very proud of the next generation."

Voinovich says he had a hunch that Cleveland would get the nod after talking with Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. "He is from Milwaukee and I think he thought -- wouldn't it be nice to show off a Midwest city, like Milwaukee? Well, we have one: Cleveland."

He says the last time he's seen this kind of buzz was when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame arrived on Cleveland's lakeshore. "My daughter said: 'If you can get the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame it will show that Cleveland is still with it in the next century."

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