Earlier this week, WKYC Channel 3 News received an emotional letter from a mother in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood who said her community has been "forgotten."

She said because it’s “poor, rundown and decrepit,” no one cares.

Her message was moving.

The woman asked her letter remain anonymous, while saying she wanted her concerns to be shared in the media and at city council.

Others do too.

Eric McGlothan has been a resident for 56 years and said at one time, Glenville was beautiful.

“And look at it,” he said. “It’s just sad.”

Yet some residents are now working to improve the community's future.

Kevin North moved to Glenville last year.

Working with a group calling itself the “Planetary Reclamation Corporation,” he said they hope to build an urban garden, create a sober-living home and not stop there.

“We’ll be able to take some of those people and clean up some of these houses. Do some of the board-ups,” North said.

“Revitalize,” said his friend, Victor Von Doom, “Regenerate.”

The men are currently applying for a grant to build the garden through “Seeds of Change.”

To vote for theirs, simply go to seedsofchangegrant.com and vote for the “Global Reclamation Garden” listed under Kevin N.