It was a case of weather woes deja Vu for folks in the I-480/Ridge Road/Brookpark Road/Tiedeman area as streets were swallowed up in heavy rains, again.

Commuters once again found themselves held hostage in their cars.

But in at least one case, the damp, dreary deluge was a perfect opportunity for a Good Samaritan to shine.

"We're just glad we are alive. We thought we were dead," said a soaked to the bone Linda Puleo of Parma. She and her husband, Dennis were still a bit in shock when Channel 3 News found them in a stranger's trunk at Speedway at the corner of Tiedeman and Brookpark Rd.

"We were driving along and a big wave of water came over the roof of the car when a truck went by and we got caught up in a big cesspool of water and swept away at Ridge and Brookpark Roads," explains Linda Puleo.

Her husband, Dennis rounds out the story when he says, "Our car started taking water on. We had to climb out of the windows and wade through the water."

Everywhere you looked in the Ridge Road/Brookpark Road and Tiedeman/Brookpark Road area was relentless rain. Ridiculous in how quickly it flooded roads and parking lots with little warning.

"We lost the car. We just bought it. It was a miracle God saved my daughter's life. I forced the window open and crawled out and I pulled her behind me and she lived. Three and a half feet of water! I was swimming in the water," said Linda Puleo.

"They came over and said she needs her heart medicine and can I take them home? and I said sure," says 24-year-old Carl McDermott.

McDermott is just a good dude who did the right thing for these soaking wet strangers.

"I never met him a day in my life. He is our sweet Samaritan," says Linda Puleo.

It turns out Carl just figured out right then and there in the Speedway parking lot that the almost unbelievable pictures he took from his truck included the Puleo's swallowed up car before he even knew them..

"I remember seeing them coming out of their car into the water!" McDermott smiles as he makes the connection. "I went home to bail my own basement out of 3 inches of water, came back, and was able to help," says McDermott.