For months, the family of 23-year old Luke Stewart of Euclid claims they have been kept in the dark.

In March the father was tased, shot and killed early in the morning in a car just blocks from the police station by an officer with the department.

Relatives say they were never given a reason.

“They’ve given us nothing and it’s very painful,” said his mother, Mary Stewart.

Police said the vehicle was suspicious but never said why. No weapons were found.

On Tuesday a spokeswoman for Ohio’s Attorney General’s office confirmed the state’s investigation is over and the case will now be assigned to a special prosecutor who will present to a grand jury.

Stewart’s cousin, Jocelyn Smith, shook her head over the fact she did not know.

“Every day is just something new we find out or something that was withheld or something that was delayed,” she said. “I’m hoping the grand jury sees the same things we see do; obvious failure to follow policy and protocol.”

The news comes days after cell phone video captured alleged excessive force during a traffic stop in Euclid and weeks after the same officer allegedly used excessive force on a city employee trying to get video of an arrest.

As for the officer who shot Stewart, Officer Mathew Rhodes, a spokesperson for the department confirms he has returned to the force in full duty.

There is no timeframe on the grand jury.