Ohioans for Concealed Carry reacted to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's new gun control policies shortly after he announced them in June, calling them "a truly offensive publicity stunt."

In a post on OhioCCW.org authored by Philip Muliver, the organization argues that many of the proposals already exist as state law and the rest contradict state law and therefore can never be enforced.


"State lawmakers and the Ohio Supreme Court long ago determined that one set of gun laws must prevail throughout the state. If municipalities were allowed to craft their own firearms rules, Ohio would become a patchwork of conflicting ordinances that turn law-abiding gun owners into felons as they simply drive from one place to the next," they write.

Cities that have attempted to establish their own gun laws have been sued time and time again, the group maintains.

It cites a Cleveland's own gun laws that were struck down by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2010 and a 2011 lawsuit and subsequent settlement in Cleveland Heights.

"Goofy gun laws are the last thing that Ohio (especially Cleveland) needs to stem its exodus of young professionals, or to attract new businesses," the author maintains.