PARMA -- Ridge-Brooke Elementary school is hosting an anti-bullying rally in light of two recent incidents.

Several weeks ago, a 14-year-old student with developmental challenges was hit repeatedly in the head with a ball, kicked, knocked to the ground and dragged across the gym floor at Parma Senior High School. The substitute teacher and five students were charged.

This week, the Parma School District says that a student's "hit-list" was found at Hillside Middle School. They questioned the student immediately and spoke with family members. They say they are taking appropriate disciplinary actions.

Thursday's rally is being held by PBIS, which is the district's intuitive against bullying. PBIS attempts to combat bullying by using positive reinforcement to reward students not bullying instead of just disciplining those who are.

The rally at Ridge-Brook Elementary is scheduled for 11:30 a.m.