CLEVELAND -- Anthony Lemons' life changed forever on April 14, 1994 -- the day police found Eric Sims' bullet-riddled body in his home at Cliffview Apartments.

Lemons was locked up 18 years for a crime he says he did not commit.

Since his release from prison in 2012, the Cleveland man has fought to clear his record.

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Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Janet Burnside granted him a new trial which was scheduled to begin Tuesday, but prosecutors were granted another delay, even though they admit they have no new evidence to present in the case.

To complicate matters, the prosecution's star witness, a crack-using prostitute named Jude Adamcik, is now dead.

Burnside has refused to allow the prosecution to use her transcribed testimony.

The defense wasn't pleased with yet another delay, accusing prosecutors of playing games and using stall tactics. Prosecutors declined comment.

They want the trial judge to dismiss the case in such a way that it would allow the police to continue investigating the case and gather evidence, if there is any. The judge denied the request so late today,prosecutors filed a 15-page appeal with a higher court.

Lemons, 39, remained upbeat following today's hearing.

"My grandfather served this country. My father served this country. In the interest of justice, the Lemons name needs to be reestablished. I'm not a murderer, never committed a murder. I've waited two decades. I can wait another month," Lemons said.

The new trial is now set for Oct. 14. Burnside said both sides need to be ready. There will be no more delays.

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