CLEVELAND -- In light of the Monday's search warrant and raid on one of Northeast Ohio's largest divorce practices, the Stafford & Stafford law firm, the Investigator Tom Meyer found plenty of red flags within their offices.

First, Aliza Sherman's former attorney Greg Moore is on the other side of the law. He has a scheduled hearing Friday as a defendant as he fights felony inducing panic charges.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say Moore intentionally phoned in a bomb threat to the old courthouse downtown on July 10, 2012, in attempt to stall a case.

The building was evacuated, and a bomb was never located.

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Moore was arrested and charged for the incident. The case is slated to go to trial in July.

Managing partner Joe Stafford along with his brother Vince have both been disciplined by the Ohio Supreme Court for professional misconduct.

Channel 3 News obtained personnel files for both individuals. Court records show that Vince Stafford got into a profanity-laced argument with another lawyer in a judge's chambers, and the shouting match continued in open court. He was given a one-year suspension.

Eleven months later, his brother was dealt the same penalty. The court ruled Joe Stafford violated six infractions that included dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

Moore has since left the law firm, but sources say he still has an office inside the Erieview Plaza location.