CLEVELAND -- Food trucks are all the rage lately across Northeast Ohio, and there's a simple way to track your favorites.

Vendors are connecting with their adoring public and attracting new customers using social media.

"It gives people an opportunity to, when they're at work, they turn their computer on or they get their phone and look," says Gregory Beckham, owner of Beckham's B & M BAR-B-QUE.

"It beats us here," he said. "They know we're going to be here before we're here."

Food Truck Friday or Walnut Wednesdays are known days and times when customers can sample a variety of foods.

Felicia Coles owns Stuff Yourself and uses Instagram and Facebook to connect with customers she can't reach while passing out flyers or making calls. This is their first season in the food truck business.

"We tell them our location, get our menu out there, and we just tell them to come support us," she says.

Social media works, but for many of the owners their continued success is dependent upon old-fashioned business sense.

"As far as posting on Facebook, that's a way to get your location, and Twitter is a way to get your location," says MotorMouth owner Rusty James Phillips. "But people still have to come out and eat your food, and they still got to like your food to come back to your truck."