CLEVELAND -- Just about everyone realized Johnny would be good, for business at least.

"We knew Cleveland was going to go nuts over it," said Greg Vlosich of GV Art+Design.

"Once we found out he was a Brown, it was just time to go to work," Tony Madalone with Fresh Brewed Tees said of Johnny Manziel.

Madalone says Manziel is money.

"This has become the hottest shirt in America," he said of their Money Manziel design. "Obviously when he came on stage and did that for everybody it kind of helped us."

Between those flashy fingers and that grin, Fresh Brewed has sold more than 2,000 tees in just 36 hours.

Vlosich says he's heard from Clevelanders who are waiting for designs from GV Art+Design.

"Telling people to be patient, it was encouraging to see the response, that we were getting back saying, 'Hey we're holding out for the GV ones. We know what they are going to look like. They've never disappointed us before,' " he said.

GV has two designs available now for pre-order: a "Johnny Be Good" T that will be available in the Lakewood store next week and another, "Go Johnny Go" T from its new national spinoff Pro Merch, which was just approved by the NFL Players Association.

"He has that little flair and that excitement around him," said Vlosich. "That's what Cleveland does. They find somebody, and they just, everyone jumps on. It's a good thing. It shows the passion that we have and how much we really want a winner here."