ID=7757711CLEVELAND - Northeast Ohio is in the middle of the summer that really hasn't felt much like summer.

The monthly climate report from the National Weather Service issued Friday confirmed what most people across the Cleveland area already knew - the temperature was abnormally cool in July.

In fact, the area was cold enough to enter the record books as the 10th coldest July on record with a daily mean average temperature of 69.3 degrees, last achieved in 1920. The coldest July ever for Cleveland was in 1960 with a monthly mean average of 67.6 degrees.

Temperatures for July ranged from a high of 88 degrees on July 1st and July 22nd to a cool low of 51 degrees on July 18th and July 25th.

Those expecting 90 degree weather were highly disappointed. The last time the temperature hit 90 degrees at Cleveland Hopkins Airport was June 28th.

On the precipitation side, northern Ohio is in good shape with no drought conditions reported locally. A total of 3.99 inches of rain fell for the month, or .53 inches more than usual. Overall, the month of July saw 13 days with at least one-tenth of an inch of rain measured.

The National Weather Service added that Toledo, Mansfield and Youngstown also placed in the top 10 coolest months of July on record for their reporting locations.

Here is a look at how off normal major northern Ohio cities were in July based on temperature and precipitation...

  • Cleveland: -4.2 degrees, +.53 inches
  • Akron/Canton: -1.7 degrees, +.08 inches
  • Mansfield: -2.9 degrees, -1.64 inches
  • Youngstown: -2.4 degrees, -.90 inches
  • Toledo: -4.6 degrees, -2.40 inches

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