Police are investigating an incident that left one man injured from using fireworks.

According to police, a 49-year-old man suffered severe injuries to his hand and leg while using fireworks at the 15600 block of Lake Avenue Tuesday night.

A 911 caller told dispatch the man's leg was "shredded up."

Neighbors near the explosion said the sound was deafening, one man even said he has hearing loss in his left ear.

Ashley Brown was walking to Lakewood Park for the fireworks show, but said the sound stopped her and her boyfriend in their tracks.

"We heard like one in particular go off that just did not sound right," Brown said.

Next door neighbors said they could never forget the image of the man being thrown back from the explosion. It was so powerful, many thought the man died on impact.

According to police, he was taken to MetroHealth in stable condition.

One woman, who was walking with her family to see the show, said he could have done more than hurt himself, he could have killed someone.

"If he wants to put his own life in jeopardy, do it somewhere else where it's legal and he's the only one affected, not on a holiday, not on Lake Avenue where people are walking down with their families."

On Wednesday, police returned to the home where the explosion occurred to search for additional pieces.

At this time, the man's hand is mostly recovered.