There are a list of unanswered questions after a 20-year-old was left in critical condition after falling from a Cleveland bar's second floor balcony on St. Patrick’s Day.

Spirits Restaurant and Bar on W. 6th Street was found closed over the weekend along with a list of violations taped on its doors from the Cleveland Fire Department.

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We tried to reach out to the owner of Spirits, but was quickly told they had nothing to say.

Immediately following the news, questions surfaced regarding rules and guidelines of local bars when it comes to securing a liquor license.

"It’s very similar to owning a gun," said Bobby George, president of Corporate Management Group. "Only the right people should be able to own a liquor license."

Corporate Management Group is the company behind a number of restaurants and bars across the area, including Barley House and Townhall. George isn’t familiar with Spirits’ history in regards to any reported violations, but spoke about the importance of taking a liquor license seriously.

“Anywhere where liquor is going to be served, you’re going to have issues. So it’s not abnormal for a bar to have violations. What’s abnormal is for a bar to have multiple violations and nothing be done about it.”

George believes tougher restrictions and penalties should be put in place for establishments with multiple violations. He said a group of local bar owners have come together in the past to voice their concerns and work with city leaders to address issues or problems that may arise.

The age limit of those who are allowed inside bars has also been a topic of concern. According to George, individuals who are over the age of 18 can legally enter a bar, but they are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol. He also noted that a bar can decide to only permit individuals over the age of 21 into the establishment.

It remains unclear as to the cause or how the 20-year-old fell from Spirits indoor balcony, the Cleveland Fire Department and building inspector are looking into the condition inside the bar and police are piecing together details as to what may have caused her to fall.