CLEVELAND -- When word leaked out a week ago that a Judge in Cincinnati was going to rule in favor of gay couples, requiring Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, Shayla Shannon and her girlfriend of three years, Ashley Billey, scrambled to Chicago to get married.

A ring, a kiss, a marriage certificate and a qualified judge made them official -- and the whirlwind began.

"This ruling really did move up our timeline," Ashley told Channel 3.

"My brain is totally spinning. It has been quite a five days," said Shayla.

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The two were part of five parties taking place in Ohio Monday night celebrating the news. And while the judge has held off enforcement of the ruling until both parties weigh in tomorrow, the champagne was being uncorked around the state.

For gay couples, the recognition of their union in Ohio means easier roads ahead for Social Security benefits, real estate transactions, state of Ohio taxes, death certificates and -- for Shayla and Ashley -- the most important part: birth certificates. If this ruling is upheld, children of gay couples would have both parents' names on their birth certificates.

"The cost of fighting that battle -- with birth certificates -- just trying to say 'Yes we are this child's parent' was so costly," Ashley said. "Making that right in our eyes is a huge thing."