It's a simple slogan: a horse can change a life.

Fieldstone Farm in Chagrin Falls believes in that, and takes it a step further.

They offer a safe haven for kids from a variety of backgrounds, who weren't thriving in traditional schools.

And sometimes, the teachers have four legs.

WKYC Channel 3's Monica Robins visited Fieldstone Farm recently and met some of the students.

Junior Summer Brown started at Fieldstone's Gaitway High School last year. She says, "it's changed my life a lot. When I used to go to Solon I got horrible grades and it was horrible for me, but now that I'm here it's much better."

"i learned how to be a better person and I got along with the horses and they make me do better," adds 9th grader Marcus Coates.

Junior Sarah Spector believes the horses help her thrive.

"You can just be yourself around them and they can be themselves around you. If you weren't good at doing that in front of people, or if you couldn't do that around people, it's because you were scared of what they were thinking. You know the horses are loving animals and they're here for you as much as you're here for them."

Chief Operating Officer Leslie Mapes has seen attendance rise and notes the school has a 100 percent graduation rate.

The exercises with the horses are teaching the importance of living in the moment problem solving, team-building, and being creative.

"So many of these skills they learn with the horses can apply to everyday life," believes Stacey Snyder, liaison between Fieldstone Farm and Gaitway.