CLEVELAND -- Mayor Frank Jackson is fighting back against gun violence in Cleveland.

The mayor submitted new legislation to City Council, which would completely rewrite the city's gun laws.

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This includes limiting purchases of a firearm to one person every 90 days.

Mayor Jackson also proposes a new gun offender registry. Offenders would have to register annually over a four year period.

If the legislation is passed, the Mayor says it will give the city another way to make Cleveland a safer place.

"We've taken thousands of guns off the streets of Cleveland over the last eight and a half years," Mayor Jackson was quoted in a press release. "This legislation, if passed, will give us another way to attack the problem of gun violence in Cleveland and make Cleveland a safer place."

Public hearings on the legislation will be held.

As Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson looks to tighten gun laws in the city, a recap of six recent shootings that have jarred the local community:

Derrice Alexander was charged with aggravated murder in the June 10 shooting death of his 2-year-old son. Police say he was arguing with the mother of the boy, and, as he was leaving, he turned and fired in the direction of the porch where the child was standing in the area of West 28th Street and Division Avenue. Details HERE. (Mobile users:

A 4-year-old boy was shot in the thigh while he was playing at East Clark Elementary School in the 800 block of East 146th Street on June 29. Details HERE. (Mobile users:

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