There is a mystery in Strongsville, where several people say they recently heard a loud boom at a home before bomb squads showed up.

Police will not say what it was, while several residents along Prospect Road now wonder whether they might have been exposed to danger without knowing it.

Rich Yanke claims he first noticed problems at the home on the Fourth of July when a loud blast rattled his house.

“The only way I can describe it, this ‘bomb’ went off,” he said. “This was not an M-100. This would be like 4 or 6 M-100’s. I mean it was a bomb, it wasn’t fireworks, it was a bomb.”

But he never called police.

“Why bother calling the cops?” he asked. “They’re not going to be able to go in the guy’s house if he is doing something. They have no reason to, you know?”

But then, the night of October 28th changed everything. A 911 recording from dispatch reveals what is believed to the home’s 56-year-old wheelchair-using man asking for help after he apparently blew off his hand.

He later makes clear he does not want anyone in his home.

Documents reveal police eventually entered the house, removed phones and a laptop, and found a recipe for ETN, an explosive compound.

The homeowner remains in the hospital and has not been charged. On Thursday, no one answered his door.